HP LTO 6 - Backup Your Data Using The Latest Technology

HP LTO 6 - Backup Your Data Using The Latest Technology

An organization's data is important to its survival, and it's so vital to confirm that this data is preserved safely thus it's invariably obtainable on demand. Keeping a backup of your organization's data is critical thus you'll invariably recover the information just in case it gets lost.
A backup storage is generally unbroken as a duplicate of the hold on data that's actively in use within the organization, associated power unit LTO six is an choice which will offer you the answer you would like.

HP LTO 6 - Backup Your Data Using The Latest Technology

LTO outlined

Linear Tape-Open may be a storage technology that's tape based mostly associated has an open format. The open format means it permits for many sources of merchandise that store information to be compatible with one another. owing to the open format, LTO has been authorized  by several established organizations within the storage trade. this suggests you'll choose between a large vary of cartridges and tape drives that square measure compatible.

LTO Technology Advancement

LTO technology was initial introduced within the year 2000 with the primary generation of LTO. following generations were then introduced at regular intervals, and every generation came with capacities and transfer rates that were higher. With every new generation, new options were conjointly value-added to confirm that information was higher protected. it absolutely was needed that every new generation was absolutely compatible with the generation that came before it. Therefore, power unit LTO six will scan and write LTO five cartridges, and may conjointly scan LTO four cartridges.

Characteristics Of LTO

One of the characteristics of LTO is its write-once, read-many (WORM) capability which suggests that your information can not be overwritten, erased or altered. encryption is additionally a crucial facet of LTO; it ensures the privacy and security of your information once it's hold on within the tapes and through transportation of the cartridges. power unit LTO six permits information to be initial compressed before it's encrypted in order that the capability of the tapes is maximized. Partitioning may be a feature found within the latest generations of LTO thath ensures economical management of files and management of area through the linear tape filing system (LTFS).


The LTO technology is currently in its sixth generation, having been introduced within the year 2012. Its storage capability of uncompressed information may be a most of two.5 terabytes (TB) and once the information is compressed, the storage capability may be a most of six.25 TB. The compression quantitative relation of compressed information is two.5:1 for the sixth generation LTO. this can be a rise from the 2:1 compression quantitative relation of the previous generations. the speed of transfer once writing uncompressed information is a hundred and sixty MB/s, whereas the transfer rate once writing compressed information is four hundred MB/s. LTO six incorporates the write-once, read-many (WORM) capability, yet as encryption and partitioning through the linear tape filing system (LTFS).


The power unit LTO six tapes square measure such as per the amount of tracks, the length of the tape and therefore the recording density. The tapes unremarkably have 1,000,000 passes of time period sturdiness. A pass refers to every time the tape changes its direction. A backup will so have k passes or a lot of, and this can depend upon the number of information written.

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